2015 Song Book


944: What Can I Say To Cheer A World Of Sorrow

Book:   2015 Song Book
Chapter:   Our Response to God, Life and Service, Worldwide Witness

WHAT can I say to cheer a world of sorrow?
How bring back hope where men have sorely failed?
Just where I am I'll speak the word of comfort,
Tell how for me Christ's sacrifice availed.

Just where He needs me,
My Lord has placed me,
Just where He needs me, there would I be!
And since He found me, by love He's bound me
To serve Him joyfully.

What can I do to ease life's heavy burdens?
What can I do to help mankind in need?
Just where I am I'll share my neighbor's hardship,
Lighten his load, and prove a friend indeed.

What can I do to justify my living?
What can I be to make this life worthwhile?
I'll be a voice to call men to the Savior,
Just where I am, and win my Father's smile.

Biblical References

Galatians 6:2

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